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Welcome to Petspace ! 🌱 We’re all about giving your pets the best, but without hurting our planet. Did you know the pet supplies industry can be rough on the environment? According to research, Greenhouse gas emission from pet food alone is equivalent to total emission from countries like the Philippines. That’s why we’ve handpicked eco-friendly and ethical brands for you, to help you make eco-friendly choices easier.


Every time you shop with us, you’re giving a high-five to Mother Earth. 🌍 We’re on a mission to get everyone to buy better stuff for their furry friends, and research shows it’s super important [^1^].


So, join us and let’s make the world a better place, one click at a time!


[^1^]: Wanna dive deep? Check out 📚 here]


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🌱 Your one-stop marketplace for brands committed to sustainability, handpicked and verified by our team.

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How it started

The story begins with the founder Jin becoming a first-time dog owner. Taking the dog for walks, he often had to carry a plastic dog poop bag and dispose of it multiple times a day.

This made him wonder about the environmental impact of such behaviour, especially considering the pet industry’s contribution to environmental degradation.

He switched to buying more sustainable products for his dog but soon realised that it wasn’t always easy. Greenwashing is prevalent, and he had to browse multiple brands’ websites, sign up on several platforms and read numerous blogs from different sites. The process was messy.

So, the founder decided to create a community-driven marketplace where consumers could find all the sustainable pet products they needed in one place and access relevant content.

The goal was to help pet owners like Jin himself, to easily contribute to reducing the environmental impact of pet products, challenge greenwashing, and contribute to building a better Earth through informed purchasing.

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