Raw Pet Diet Debate: To Raw or Not to Raw?

Hey pet lovers! Today, let’s chew on a topic that’s as juicy as a steak for Fido – the raw pet food trend. You’ve probably heard about the raw food movement for dogs and cats, and it’s stirring up quite the dinner conversation!

The Raw Revolution: A Back to Nature Approach

The idea behind the raw diet is simple: feed your pets what they would naturally eat in the wild. Think raw meat, bones, fruits, and veggies. Sounds pretty Paleo, right? But before you toss a raw chicken wing to your furry friend, let’s dig a little deeper.

Nutritional Powerhouse or a Pathogen Party?

Raw diets can be a rich source of nutrients. Fans of this diet report shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, and higher energy levels in their pets. However, it’s not all purrs and wag-tails. Studies, like the one by Davies et al., highlight significant concerns, especially about the microbiological risks like Salmonella and E. coli.

Salmonella – Not Just a Bad Chicken Dinner

The study by Davies et al. reveals that raw diets can be contaminated with pathogens like Salmonella. These bacteria aren’t just a threat to your pets; they can also sicken the human members of your household. And if you think those commercial raw diets are safer, think again. They can still pack a punch with these unwanted microscopic guests.

The Antibiotic Resistance: A Hidden Menace

Here’s something scarier than your cat’s midnight zoomies – antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The study points out that raw foods might contribute to the spread of these superbugs. Imagine bacteria with tiny capes, immune to our antibiotic weapons!

Not All Tummies Are Created Equal

Some pets handle raw diets like champs, while others might suffer from digestive issues or nutritional imbalances. And if you have a tiny human or an immunocompromised person at home, the risk from those bacterial bad guys increases.

The Verdict?

It’s a bit like choosing between a fancy salad and a fast-food burger. Both can be part of a balanced diet, but they come with their own risks and benefits. If you’re leaning towards raw, talk to your vet, handle the food safely, and keep an eye on your pet’s health.

In Conclusion

Whether you decide to go raw or stick to kibble, the most important thing is to ensure your pets are getting a balanced diet. And remember, our furry friends rely on us to make the best choices for their health. So, keep informed, stay vigilant, and let’s keep our pets wagging and purring in good health!


Davies, R. H., et al. (2019). Raw diets for dogs and cats: a review, with particular reference to microbiological hazards. Journal of Small Animal Practice.

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